Saturday, 17 March 2018

Dumbest apps in Play Store

We are all using smartphones, in that different apps play a very important role, just like you are messaging your friend you are using Whats App, and video call most of using Skype, and many more like Calendar, Notes, and many games for entertainment, But here some of Dumbest Apps in Play Store  those have a good downloads.


As a name states this app is “Nothing”, yes this app has Nothing, Just a screen and a man laughing, and this app has a 1million downloads!.


As per name this app also useless, and this has a white background that’s all, it had a 50 thousand downloads!

3.Bullshit Button

This app has a Button called as ‘Bullshit Button’ if you press on that then it pronounce ‘Bullshit’ and this app had a 100 thousand downloads.

4.Lie Detector.

Really…..! yes and this app is a Big  Lie….. and it had a 1 Million Downloads.

5.Fart Collection

If you doing a prank someone then this app may become used full, This app had 5 Million downloads!.
 So here are the some Dumbest and useless apps on play store and having a big download.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Facebook Launches New Feature as 'Facebook Job'

Are you locking for a job? Then, Facebook launching a Job searching platform to you sooner, Facebook job Search is only available for the America and Canada Facebook users, but Facebook planing to introduce this platform to another 40 countries
As you know the Facebook is the most popular social media platform all over the world, if Facebook introduce any new Features that is going to help more people all over the world, just like Facebook introduce Feature called Market place where you can buy or sell your products that is one of the best example for Facebook new Feature allow us to sell our products to more people and gain more customers and expand Business.

Some Benefits of the Facebook Job Feature

One of the big benefit of this new feature is you can find your suitable job in your finger tips, need not go to outside foe locking for the Job.
And another benefit is you can find a Job in your home town or near places, there is no need to go a big city’s to seeking for the job.
And this feature is also helpful to find more job opportunity at your place or nearby.

Some Requirements are….

Oh wait this Facebook Job feature had a some requirements to allow you to search your dream job.
Here it is, firstly you should have a Facebook account (everybody had now a days), secondly your profile should be good and should be added your education qualifications and correctly fill details about you, it’s not means that all of your profile is filled up of a your personal photos and activities like that.

So wait for Facebook Job feature an grab your opportunity good luck.

Monday, 26 February 2018

5G Internet Technology and it's recent Development

Next network technology is 5th Generation wireless technology is introducing to the world, 5G network is more ahead of the current 4G Network technology, 5G network is 1000 time faster than the current network, and more convenient to use.

Discuss some Advantages and Disadvantages.

If anything happening in the world then it had a 2 side those are advantages and disadvantage, and also 5G internet had a it’s advantages and disadvantages.
So locking some advantages it had a better performance than the current 4G Internet, and it uses the Less power, and most important it is a 1000 time faster than the 4G internet, 5G internet had a capacity of up to 20Gbps Download speed and also up to 10Gbps Upload speed.
And now look at some disadvantage side of the 5G internet, most of the current devises not compatible with the new technology, many of the current devises (most of the mobile devises) are remain waste or downgrade products, and 5G internet uses the more speed processors than the current once, the upgrade processes is never a easy one to the New 5G internet.

Some Resent News About The 5G Internet

The current Development in the 5G Internet is Samsung and the Qualcomm are combined to produce a chip that is compatible with the 5G Internet,
In India Government Telicom Services (BSNL) is testing it’s 5G internet connection in March of this year, and previously most of the Indian network providers are tested the 5G internet connection in some selected areas of the country.
5G internet is Expected to launch world wide in 2020 but South Korea launched first time in history at the Winter Olympic 2018.

Let any Advantages and Disadvantage beside, because this is the era of the technology revolution, let’s welcome the new technology to our Home.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Marianas Web

what is surface web?

Everyone these days using search engines to search anything’s on internet. Search engines like Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, and many search engines are there to give you a specific answer to your questions, and they reach you a specific location where you find your answers what you locking for, All the search engines have indexed websites and websites using specific key words to answer you or to give you an almost exact information.

But there are some websites they not specifically indexed on the search engines, they only can access throw special Browsers or some specific search engines, and these websites called as the Dark websites.

What you are reading on my blog, or any other blog or websites these are only 4% of the internet that you can accesses, what the hell where is missing 96%? What I earlier mentioned these 96% is called as the Deep web, that 4% part called as the Surface web.

Deep and Dark web

As above picture shows an example of iceberg how iceberg lock from our eye sight, but it’s most parts are hidden under the water, exactly the internet is like that.

In the Deep web there are mainly 2 parts called as the Deep web another is Dark web, mainly Deep web consist of Data’s what company’s stores in their data centers, for Example your Bank Details, Your Browsing History’s, or any other company’s personal data’s, these are parts of Deep web, mainly 2 part is Dark web, as name mentioned it is the one of the dark part of the internet here most of the illegal activities are held like Child pornography, Hitman hiring, Drug dealing etc.

What is Marinas Web?

But what is the Marianas Web? Some people say these kind of the Web doesn’t exist on the internet, some of people believe Marianas Web is the another part of the Dark web, or it is the Darkest part of the Dark web. Believers are believing the Marianas Web consist the Darkest secrets of the Internet World, for example it consists Nuclear Bomb Passwords, or it may consist the most secrete records of government’s.

Now Marianas Web is the one of controversial Topic, because no one actually Accesses to the Marianas Web, even no one exactly knows about this Marianas Web existence.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Link Aadhar to Mobile Number

Hey still you didn't link your Aadhar number to your Mobile Number??
May be this February is a last month to link your Aadhar to Mobile Number.
Here is a easy procedure to link your Aadhar to Mobile Number.
First step is to call the number 14546, and fallow the instructions and enter your Aadhar number.
And then they send you an OTP (one time password, that is valid till 30 minutes), to your Aadhar linked mobile number.
Then they ask you enter OTP, enter your OTP.
That's it!! Now a message appeared your mobile number that's confirm your prossess is done.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017



You already heard about cryptocurrencys and Bitcoin, and you doesn't know about it then read this article.
Bitcoin is a one of a cryptocurrency that came to existence in 2008 and that time people doesn't know about the concept of cryptocurrency, now Bitcoin reached that higher level so cryptocurrencys are one of a hipe this time and also 700 and more cryptocurrencys are exist today.
Firstly cryptocurrencys are those currencies that cannot have any physical form and it cannot be feel and touched like normal currencies, but it can be transferable and have a specific value, and another important fact is most of cryptocurrency dose not have any centralized system to control, and cryptocurrencys are very limited like in case of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, and now only 15 million are exist, to reach it's full potential Bitcoin take 100 years, so this is made a currency worth of dollars,
Like this all of cryptocurrency are having their own limitations, so cryptocurrencys are not having any physical farm and they only exist in digital wallets, and that is transfer to another wallet help of currency minors, minors are those people who ensure the cryptocurrencys transactions with the help of specific software.
And now in the word 5.8 million users using theese cryptocurrencys wallets and most of companies are accepts these currencies as form of exchange.
And in cryptocurrencys there are mainly 2 type one Digital cryptocurrencys these currencies are not controlled by any centralized system like Bank, Government,
And second is Vertual currencies these currencies are mostly controlled by it's own developers or any centralized system.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Future Transport

Future Transport
Now a day's mainly transport facility is facing a problems in a big city's, and also every individual is facing a at least of traffic jam situation in his life, so over come this main traffic jam, a company called Dahir Insaat come up with a new project.

To over come traffic problem is have a solution, solution is that to utilize the remaining or empty areas in the road, and this company came up with idea of gyroscopic techniques to construct a vehicle such as Bus, Ambulance.

Gyroscopic technique is simple, and this company successfully implement the idea,
Above image is a gyroscopic technique sample image, in this technique middle are of gyroscope is spinning (Rotor), in maximum speed whole gyroscope is standing constant, but if Rotor speed decrease gyroscope is fall down. For eg watch video below.

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